How to Promote Site Pages

How to Promote Your Website

  • Create a site map.
  • Create your robot file.
  • Optimize your site.
  • Submit to search engines.
  • Review your traffic.
  • Update your content.
  • Optimize your keyword selection.
  • Submit to search engines monthly.
  • Repeat.

What is site promotion?

Except for your Update your content, none of the steps have any thing to do with your customers and visitors.

This is because website promoting deals with search engines. Your target or goal is to get listed on as many directories and search engines as possible.

Get listed in the categories that are about the service or product you are offering.

Get listed on Google, Yahoo and DMOZ in the appropriate category and create a flow of visitors interested in your product.

This is organic or natural traffic to your site. Most directories and search engines do not charge you to get listed.

What are site maps and robot files?

Search engines “crawl” or “spider” your website a page at a time. Looking to find out what the site is about. Site maps and robot files are a way to talk to these crawlers and spiders.

What do you mean, Optimize your site?

The term or meaning of optimize is always related to search engines. We want to use the spider from the search engine. The spider wants to know what your site is about without having to “read” your entire content. You tell them with META and KEYWORD tags. The spider is not very good at reading anything except these HTML tags.

How do I submit my site to search engines?

You can pay a company to do it for you. Or you can visit each search engine and submit your site yourself. It takes only a few minutes to submit it to each search engine. You’ll get an email telling you how to finish the process. A confirmation that you are the owner/agent and have submitted the site.

Review your traffic and update your content.

Site promotion is an ongoing process. Knowing which keyword is related to your traffic and updating your content to help your visitors decide to purchase is important and sometimes over looked part of site promotion.

Optimize your keyword selection.

After some time, you may find a better or more relevant keyword to promote. You’ll need to change your KEYWORD and META tags to let the spiders see the new information. Spiders are very poor readers. Update these tags to reflect new content added or keyword changes.

Submit your site regularly.

Thousands of website are created and submitted each day to search engines.

Paid inclusion is the best way to make sure your site stays in rotation. The most cost effective way is to submit your site on a regularly schedule.

As a rule of thumb, once every 30 days.

Submitting your site too often may violate the terms of service.


Review your site map and robot files for errors. Make sure your keyword are spelled correctly and your have submitted your site to as many search engines and directories you can think of.

Review your traffic, where is it coming from? What did they buy? How long did they stay? Which page does most of my traffic start at? Think about ways to get more traffic.

Repeat the steps and review your goals.

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